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GALVANO GROUP, a lifestyle & concierge management, based in Zurich -Switzerland has been up & running for the past 4 years to serve Private & Corporate clients with services, experiences, solutions, but not just. A year ago, due to increasing demands for Arts & Collectables, the Team put together an Art Department concept with ONE in-house Artist LISABEL - An Artist With A Twist & with Selected Arts & Collectables from WorldWide provenance.

KEVIN UNDERWOOD & GALVANO GROUP feature now GALVANO IRIDIUM, an out-standing Arts & Exclusive Offers department, for those who are looking for uniqueness.
Hype and Thrill, Elegance and Exuberance, Ritual and Rapture, its aim is to present clients , investors & collectors with the best, hand-picked and/or on demand.

…Picasso, Magritte, Zao Wou Ki, Dali, Rubens, Malevich, Caravaggio, to name a few, Off Market-Direct Owners, a GALVANO GROUP signature; XVIth to XXIst Century ranging from Classic Master Pieces to Contemporary Gems. A team of experts, responsive, reliable providing all documents to support provenance & credibility.

GALVANO GROUP Team travels worldwide to find that piece its clients are looking for.

When asking its CEO Markus Sassmann, “what inspired you to open that section in addition to your lifestyle & concierge domains” his answer is “Simply demand, but also, our clients sellers do not want to go any longer through traditional auction houses due to high fees. Purchasers, on the other end, love the discretion, the privacy we make sure we keep at all times to work with our team of high end experts engaged to deliver top high quality”

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.“ Pablo Picasso


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