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For some decades now, Art has gained lasting purpose to access private & corporate investors-collectors, family offices, real estate projects, insurance companies, hospitals, hotel lobbies etc. Art Investments make sense in diversifying assets. Art-Form expresses freedom, in bringing out emotions, views, passions. The Arts are the guardians of genius talents of all period of times & centuries, defining the eras, past & present.

Kevin Underwood, through his blog articles, will inform his readers of new developments within the current art market, worldwide.

Our Services

Representation in selling works with our clientele. (Mandates)
Offers through our International network of buyers.
Review & Evaluate Thematic Collections.
Due Diligence Reports on Individual Werks.
Advice & Mediation.
Shipping, lnsurance, Storage.
Tax Experts

A Team of Renown Experts, Respected, Responsive, Reliable.

Currently Available
Picasso, Magritte, Zao Wou Ki, Malevich, Caravaggio, Lisabel

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